Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dwight's Interview for No.2

Every recruiter has interviewed an "Andy" at some point. One of my favorite dialogues so far on The Office...

Dwight: What is the best color?
Andy: White, because it contains all other colors.
Dwight: Wrong. Black. It is the most dominant. How do you make a table?
Andy: You make a chair...but you don't sit on it.
Dwight: What is the capital of Maine?
Andy: Capital of Maine is Montpelier, Vermont, which is near Ithica, New York, where I went to Cornell.
Dwight: Okay, also, moratorium on Cornell talk. Don't wanna hear about it. Forget your personal history and learn the history of this company.
Andy: Should not be a problem, I minored in history in the Ivy League school which I attended.

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