Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Duct Tape and a Swiss Army Knife

I recently read an article where the author compared proponents of education to MacGyver and I must say, I like that analogy. There are a handful of professions that come to mind when I think of a skill set that relies heavily on resourcefulness. Being creative with the tools you are given in a job is the mark of a driven employee, and I truly believe if you find the appropriate driving factor and exploit it, you can get most employees to work their tails off thinking outside the box in order to succeed.

For MacGyver of course, the constant life and death circumstances more than likely triggered his inner craftiness. For educators, the motivation is to insure the success of our children and in turn the success of our nation. Many smaller companies realize early on innovation and creativity generally leads to growth so they incorporate games and competition in the day to day activities to motivate resourcefulness.

For all the job seekers out there I would encourage you to think long and hard about what exactly drives you. Is it money? A worthy cause? Fear of failure? Competition? I think once you come to this realization and then align yourself with an organization, company, or job that could potentially cultivate this drive then you my friend might just find yourself creating success out of very little on a regular basis.

If all this sounds incredibly miserable to you and instead you would rather model your life after the popular Dolly Pardon hit, more power to you! Every hero loves a good audience. After all, where would MacGyver be without the viewers who kept it around for seven seasons?

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